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Comunità Montana dell' esino-frasassi
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cartina del territoro della comunita montana dell' esino-frasassi Comune di Fabriano Comune di Fabriano Comune di Sassoferrato Comune di Arcevia Comune di Genga Comune di Serra San Quirico Comune di Mergo Comune di Rosora Comune di Cupramontana Comune di Staffolo Comune di Cerreto d Esi

Montana community of esino-frasassi is built between municipalities of Arcevia, Cerreto d'Esi, Cupramontana, Fabriano, Genga, Mergo, Rosora, Sassoferrato, Staffolo, Serra San Quirico; is a local public law, as well development agency and government land, under the rules and initiatives, national and regional, competes to program and to execution of interventions for delete the imbalances of economic nature e social between mountain areas and the rest of territory. Montana community is the subject of regional programming and contributes to the formation of the territorial plan of coordination of provincial program, in the manner and method provided by the regional law and it is addressed to the exercise of the powers and functions of municipal, regional and provincial. Montana community works for preserve the hydro geological and environmental aspects of the area for pursue an internal harmonious development of economic activities, craft, industrial, and agricultural of cultural activities , sports, tourism and recreation, informatics and social services and joint school and services in general. Montana community of esino-frasassi promotes the development and the competitiveness of the social econonomic system, purpose encouraging the participation of all public and private operators and in general population.

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